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About the truth, and nothing but...

Vérité Records is an independent record label who's goal is to assist musicians that believe in the truth and honesty in performing real music without the abuse of digital technology to correct for the inability of the musicians. Vérité Records focuses on bands and singer/songwriters that play instruments and sing. This record label DOES NOT record or release music where a singer's voice is digitally altered to change the pitch of the natural recording. If you are going to call yourself a singer, you have to be able to actually sing! Rap, spoken word and death-curdling screaming vocal styles are not recognized as singing by this label. Artists may incorporate tiny elements of rap or spoken word, but 99% of the vocal must be sung. Likewise with the music, it must be performed by humans. Loops, sequences and sampling can be a creative element but 99% of the music must be performed by musicians using real instruments.


Vérité Records basic artist deal

This label exists to assist musicians in getting their music recorded and released to the world. A band or artist that signs with Vérité Records will be entitled to the following.

• Recording studio, mix, mastering and producing services provided by Vérité Records with the goal of completing one of the following...Single, EP or LP.A Single is defined as up to 2 songs maximum. An EP is defined as 3 or 4 songs. An LP is defined as a Long Play collection of songs consisting of 8 or more songs that is at least 28 minutes in total length or longer.

• Completed singles, EPs and LPs will be released worldwide on iTunes, and other popular digital download stores.

• Select artists will have completed EPs and LPs published onto a limited quantity CD (compact disc).

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