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Recording Services and Terms





Studio time w/ recording engineer: $60/hr

Mixing Services: $60/hr

Mastering Services: $60/hr

CD Authoring Services: $60/hr

Flat rate booking upon quote

Sessions are booked in 2 hour minimum sessions.

Payments are due prior to the start of the session – no exceptions.

Mixing and Mastering are not done during a recording session unless special arrangements have been made. Mixing and Mastering are separate from the recording sessions.


Genre of Music

Attic Recording can record and produce the following: Acoustic/Singer Songwriter, Blues, Country, Rock, Metal. We do not produce or record Rap , Hip Hop, or EDM


Studio rules

The studio is in a residential neighborhood. Sessions must end at 9pm. Smoking and illegal drug use is not permitted on the property. The studio provides bottled water. Other refreshments or food must be arranged by the band. Due to space limitations, we recommend the following: • Carpool to reduce the number of cars. • Do not invite friends, family girlfriends/boyfriends as there is very limited space in the studio for guests. Refunds for sessions are only given if the session is canceled with a full 24 hour notice. Refunds are not given for reasons beyond Attic Recording’s control such as: poor musician’s performance, musicians arriving late or not at all, traffic or bad weather, SDG&E power loss, musician’s instrument failure or defect.

• Name & contact phone of person responsible for payment?
if different from above                            

• Genre of Music?

• What will be recorded?

(Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboards?)

•Title of song(s) to be recorded

Thanks! Message sent.

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