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Richard Cruz Jr: Guitar & Vocals
Chris Kendall: Guitar & Vocals
Brian McGuire: Bass & Vocals
Maki Ushiroyama: Guitar & Bass

Eddie Matsueda: Drums & Vocals

A brief history of the band

Richard, Chris, Maki & Eddie all attended the same art school in 1991. The band formed after graduation. Brian came through a mutual friend and the original line-up was born.

This line-up recorded the only Boomstick album at Cerebral Records Studios in Carlsbad CA in 1996. The entire thing was recorded and mixed all in the same day.

tracks #1, & #7 Written By Richard Cruz Jr.

track #3 Written By Maki Ushiroyama and Richard Cruz Jr.

tracks #2, #5, #6, #9 Written By Chris Kendall

tracks #4 Written By Eddie Matsueda

track #8 Written By Roy Matsueda

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