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Rezidu-back yard 1.jpg

Richard Cruz Jr: Guitar & Vocals
Chris Kendall: Guitar & Vocals
Brian McGuire: Bass & Vocals


Eddie Matsueda

Don Lance Lafure
Kyle Hinkle
Yogi Hendlin

A brief history of the band

Richard, Chris, Maki & Eddie all attended the same art school in 1991. They formed the band Boomstick after graduation. Brian came through a mutual friend and the original line-up was born.

After Maki left San Diego, Eddie also left the band in '97 and Rezidu was born. The band had various drummers over the years with Yogi Hendlin being the band's final drummer until it's final show in 1998.

All songs written by Chris Kendall except

"By My Side" Written By Chris Kendall and Richard Cruz Jr.

The Pilsbury Death Squad was Rezidu's 2nd Release. It featured new songs and new versions of 2 old songs. Yogi Hendlin played drums on all but the last 2 songs. All songs written by Chris Kendall except "Blue Overcoat" written by Brian McGuire & Richard Cruz Jr.

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