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Chris Kendall Music

Chris recorded "American Dream" at home. It was on the list to record a proper version.
Chris did all the guitars and vocals and used Garageband for the drum loops.

After watching the 4 hour Tom Petty documentary "Runnin' Down A Dream", Chris wrote "West Coast Trippin' Blues". It's inspired by the true story of how Tom came to LA to get a record deal.
Chris Kendall: Vocals & Guitars
Richard Cruz Jr: Lead Guitar and Bass

Eddie Matsueda: Drums

A great example of Kendall - Cruz collaboration. Richard wrote the guitar riffs and Chris put lyrics to the music.
Chris Kendall: Vocals & Guitar
Richard Cruz Jr: Lead Guitar, Bass and Drums

Chris wrote this at the same time as "West Coast Trippin' Blues". Both songs are available on iTunes, Amazon etc.
Chris Kendall: Vocals, Guitars and Bass
Richard Cruz Jr: Drums

This is the last song Chris wrote and demoed. This is his scratch vocal and guitar tracks. The final production remains unfinished.
Chris Kendall: Vocals & Guitar
Richard Cruz Jr: Lead Guitar

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