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Music mastered for CD or iTunes is NOT automatically compatible with vinyl mastering standards. If you are unsure what this means or are unable to provide audio mastered for vinyl, we can master your music.

Having your music mastered properly for vinyl is VITAL.  The proper volume of the mastered music is extremely important, as are keeping certain frequencies attenuated. Mastering audio for vinyl involves processing your music through very specific and critical EQ along with compensating for these EQ adjustments to keep your music sounding as good as possible. We also offer special signal processing that adds analog warmth and enhanced stereo separation while also correcting any potential phase issues.

For optimal results please follow the following guidelines:

• Do not send any lossy files such as MP3, M4a, Wma etc. Do not convert an MP3 to WAV and send.  
   Always use the original uncompressed audio.

• We prefer AIF or WAV files at 24-bit, 96kHz.
    16-bit, 44.1kHz are not preferred but are accepted

• Send unmastered audio. Do not send audio that has extreme amounts of audio compression,
  limiting or level maximizing.

• Orders that don't follow these guidelines will not be processed. Contact us with any questions.

• We recommend you contact us for upload instructions and submit a sample file BEFORE YOU ORDER.

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