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Paul McCartney demo finished

Verite Records and Wolftrane guitarist Richard Cruz Jr. took an unfinished 45 year old Paul McCartney Christmas demo and added lyrics and a chorus to complete a brand new recording of the song. Together with fellow musicians and friends, the recording took place of the span of 2 weeks at Attic Recording. Richard laid down the basic track with Baja Bugs drummer Nico Peters who is "Ringo" in a Beatles and 60's music band in San Diego, CA. Richard then invited Michael Hilding from Sugarglider to help with vocals and guitar. Peter Soros aka Silky Seymour and Dan Colquitt also contributed guitar work. Then the band Sueda (Roy and Eddie Matsueda and Sato) provided the group vocal along with Nico and Richard. The track is available for free at Soundcloud.

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